What a an amazing journey this has been so far. We have enjoyed meeting each and every one of you and loved sharing our passion for helping others with you. Through your support we have been able to help so many. Here are some words from those that you have helped…. 

Over 12 months ago my family and I received the devastating news that I had stage 4 melanoma cancer. We were told that I had approximately 12 weeks to live and that there was nothing they could do for me. There was no cure for melanoma cancer available in Australia at that time. When you hear something like that it’s impossible to describe the desperation, fear and shock you feel. Within days the beautiful Chicks for Charity responded to hearing our news. They arrived with love, gifts and offered us financial and emotional support. This took a lot of the financial stress that we were feeling and offered us relief knowing people were out there prepared to help us. We knew we were not alone. What a wonderful way it was to support us in our difficult time. They did so without any strings attached. The Chicks were there offering support wherever and whenever we needed it and ran fundraisers to help carry our load.  At a time when our world was falling apart around us they came in and loved and supported us unconditionally and with such generosity.  They made our life easier so that we could focus on our family and finding a treatment to help me get better.  I am so happy to report that 12 months after hearing that terrible news, I am cancer free....My words don’t seem enough to express the gratitude that my family and I feel towards these wonderful women, who give so much of their time and effort voluntarily to help people who are suffering just like we were. They truly are little angels and I am so blessed that they were able to support us. They definitely made our life easier. K.Humphries

The Chicks for Charity organisation wears its heart on its sleeve. The work they have done for my family is one of the most kind hearted and selfless acts I have encountered.My wife Caroline was diagnosed with a GBM Astrocytoma Grade 4 (Brain Cancer). Our very close and personal friend Kerrie Bardsley approached the Chicks for Charity (Melissa Hilton) and told them of our predicament. The Chicks swung into action straight away, and organised a cheque for us to cover any medical costs that we incurred at the start. The Chicks then set about organising a movie night to raise funds for us. With the help of our very close friends, they were able to raise enough money for us, to enjoy a family holiday to Fiji, as well as help with our medical expenses.I cannot speak highly enough of the Chicks for Charity organisation. A fantastic group of ladies whose work in the community cannot be measured.Michael Nichols.

The wonderful team at Chicks For Charity first became involved with our family five years ago when my beautiful sister, Helen was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease(MND). This was a very difficult time for us but 'The Chicks' were so wonderful, offering ongoing financial and moral support, not just for Helen but for our whole family. This assistance helped not only improve the quality of Helen's life but also helped to keep our spirits up. The attention to detail with thoughtful gifts and kind gestures was amazing. Even after Helen passed away the support and kindness for our family continued.
Chicks For Charity continue to provide support to families facing challenging times and we hope we can pay their kindness forward by supporting the many events they organise. I will forever feel connected to Chicks For Charity.
Carol Wilhelm

If you were looking for inspiration that would be Chicks For Charity. Chicks For Charity are amazing and have the skill of performing miracles - you are not even aware of the crazy time and hard work they are putting in for you and how lucky you are, until their magic is complete.
Diagnosed with Stage 3 breast/lymph cancer, a 4x2cm tumour, after numerous tests I was was looking at a double mastectomy, reconstruction, removal of ovaries and Fallopian tubes and a 60% chance of survival.
I am a sole parent with 2 beautifully gorgeous little girls. They are my major love and my main concern. I also have fabulous parents who were there every step and fabulous friends who were on my doorstep ready to support me. It was these gorgeous gals that were able to work together with Chicks For Charity. And then the magic happened. A Bogan Bingo fundraiser night was organised. A fundraiser. For me and my girls. This night which was in the middle of such a confusing, scary time, and is actually one of the most wonderful nights of my life, for so many reasons. Chicks for Charity were amazing. They literally lifted stress off my shoulders. There was entertainment, raffles, auctions and silent auctions. I was overwhelmed. Chicks for Charity helped us dramatically and play a huge part in my survival and ongoing recovery, raising funds to make it possible for me to access the best surgeons and also providing in house support. I could never thank Chicks For Charity enough and will always be grateful for their selflessness and affording me the time and space to concentrate on my health and my family xx R.Parry

Hi there. My name is Oscar and i am 8. I love Collingwood and lego and my ipad. About a month the beautiful Chicks For Charity held a movie night to
raise money for me and my family. I have duchennes muscular dystrophy. With everyones amazing support we raised some money. The first project that has been started is electric gates for the driveway so mum can drive right up to the back door and I don't have to stumble up the front steps anymore. Thank you all so very much for all your support and love. xx Oscar

Well it's hard to put into words how grateful I am to this wonderful group of women! The Pink Ladies Lunch for my sister Leith was an incredible day and I truly believe I have made some wonderful new friends in you girls. Your support was unwavering, your advice always available, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Xo D.Byron

What an amazing day u girls planned today. Every little touch from sweet candles to presents for 3 beautiful kids, great prizes and such a well organised event with girls with such big hearts. Your generosity in giving up so much of your own time away from your own families shows how important and close to your hearts this means to each and every one of u. Special mention to thank Sal,, I'll miss talking to u so much but I hope I can help down the track in any way with future events. Thanks again Gorgeous girls, I know Belinda was overwhelmed with your kindness and it was so sweet to see her, Steve and the kids get so spoilt, smile, laugh and be together xxxx M.Gaugg

As a woman who battled cancer (currently in remission), I couldn't imagine anything worse than leaving my children without their Mum. Yet there is something far more horrendous, and that is where I am now as I watch my precious child have to face the same demon.
My gorgeous 9 year old son, who already lives with a rare genetic disability, was diagnosed with leukaemia in January. Our world has been turned upside down, the weeks are filled with uncertainty, with aggressive treatment, with pain, with fear. When you never know what is happening from one day to the next it is an absolute gift to have fresh fruit, vegetables and staples delivered to our door. Not only does it mean one less thing to worry about each week but it also serves as a reminder that there are beautiful people in this world who really care.
When you are helped by someone you know it is incredibly humbling when you are helped by strangers it is even more so. I can't thank Chicks for Charity enough for this practical support in our time of need. I truly hope the day arrives when I get an opportunity to do the same for another woman and her family.  J. Concilia

I came home today after school drop off to a beautiful clean house!!
Every time the cleaner comes I think of your generosity and how much it has meant to our family to feel the support of so many who don’t even know us. Not to mention the clean bathrooms and floors which have made life much easier for David and I in the last 12 months.  My 6 weeks of radiotherapy 12 months ago was very successful and in fact continued to reduce the size of my tumour for 6 months after I had finished treatment. The 2 MRI scans I’ve had since then have both shown the tumour is now stable which is great news. There is no doubt that it is the simple pleasures that mean the most tome and whether it’sgood day or a bad day I’m here to make the most of it. Thank you so much for your generosity and I wish you all well for the future of Chicks for Charity.  S. White 

Having lost my first son at 3 months old to an undiagnosed genetic muscle disorder in 2005, I was again devastated when, in 2008, my second son was born with the same condition. He was diagnosed at 17 days old with a muscle condition that gives baby boy sufferers a limited life expectancy of just 2 years. My life was turned completely upside down as a single mum, to a beautiful boy who was extremely medically fragile and required 24 hour care and intervention to maintain his breathing.  I was unable to work and forced to survive on a miserly Carers Allowance when Chicks for Charity provided me with an incredibly generous donation. This helped alleviate some of the financial strain and, for a time, their contribution allowed me to stop worrying about finances to concentrate on enjoying my son and making the best of his life. He ultimately died at 14 months old but Chicks for Charity made a tangible difference to us during his short life. I’ll always be thankful for the generosity and efforts of those who fundraise to help families like ours struggling with the financial pressure caused by illness, disability and bereavement. A.Hart
We are so far indebted to you girls for doing this for our family, sometimes you don’t really see that you are in need of a little bit of help until it actually comes your way, and believe me, we are extremely thankful recipients. Life was just starting to get on top of us and now we have a rejuvenated spirit knowing that there are a bunch of extremely generous people like yourselves who give selflessly to those who are in need, thank you.  E. Richardson
Thank you again for Saturday. I feel like it is a bit of a dream and that we don’t deserve what you have done for us. It’s been so uplifting for me as we have had a rough 8 months now. Saturday was just amazing and I still can’t believe you did that for us! I thank you again and love you all so much for making my year a bit easier, happier and knowing we are not alone!  T. Richardson

It was really great to learn about your organisation today.Thanks for choosing the cardiac ward as the beneficiary of the funds you were donating. We are very grateful that the transiluminator can become part of the everyday resources in the ward. Heartkids - Royal Children Hospital

"Chicks for Charity have helped us enormously!" - I have an 11 year old daughter with a painful and debilitating genetic skin condition known as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). DEBRA Victoria is out organisation who support children, adults and families affected wiih EB and Chicks for Charity have supported us over the past 3 years. As we are a not for profit organisation with no government support, Chicks for Charity have been invaluable with raising much needed funds for our children and adults with EB. We have been able to help sufferers with funding for ongoing medical requirements, aids and equipment. We are most appreciative of the hard work and dedication Chicks for Charity put in to helping groups like ours, the really make a difference!         S.Baird DEBRA Victoria 

I write to you on behalf of the members and myself to thank you guys for your very generous donation to Crime Victims Support Association. I have to say we both wonder at how truly inspirational your group is when viewing the work that Chicks for Charity has already done since you have been formed. N.McNamara CVSA

I am a mother of 2 children aged 16 and 9. Last October my husband Darren 'Henry' Lawson was diagnosed with terminal Melanoma cancer and with much sadness succumbed to the disease on the 14th of December aged 45. During this time Chicks for Charity stepped in and helped ease the pressure of everyday life, supplying us with a creepy crawly for our new pool and also an Ipad he could use in hospital. This allowed me to support my husband with his many hospital visits and later the kids and I spending as much time as possible with him. Chicks for Charity support has been truly amazing, not only when Henry was ill and with material support but more importantly the emotional support they have continued to give over the last 6 months. Chicks for Charity have definitely been a Gods send for our family and I hope my friends and family will continue to support this fantastic charity. R Lawson.

We wish to pass on our sincere thanks to you for your amazing and ongoing support to Uniting care Harrison and our mission to support people to take charge of their own lives. Your fantastic assistance over the past 3 years through the provision of personal care packs and essential toiletry items, disposable nappies and toys is so greatly appreciated. These items have been so useful and practical to ur client group and allows them to have some well needed comforts that are sometimes taken for granted. The sensational donation, only last week of winter blankets and pillows is such perfect timing with winter well and truly here. It was great to meet up with you again. Uniting Care Harrision