Who Are We

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It all started with “girls nights”. A group of friends just getting together to catch up. Over a few bubbles and lots of chatting, we decided we wanted to make our “girls nights” meaningful. We wanted to “give back a little” and make a difference to our community, to individuals and organisations in need.
We do this through the occasional chicks nights, chicks lunches and chicks events – large and small.

What We Believe

Chicks for Charity has simple beliefs. Give back. Enjoy life. Laugh a lot. Be thankful. Cherish your family and friends. Share the wisdom. That’s what Chicks for Charity is all about.

Our Mission Statement

Chicks for Charity raise community awareness through uniting people from all walks of life. Chicks for Charity encourage all to harness the power of “giving back”. Organised fundraising events inspire people to donate time, talent and money to better communities. Through our collected efforts we represent an example to younger generations; we will encourage their involvement and nurture their confidence to ensure that the power of “giving back” is sustained.

Our Goal

Once a year we will designate a group of charities for fund raising causes, and all our efforts will go towards raising funds and awareness for those organisations or individuals. It may be a movie night for a few hundred people raising thousands of dollars, or it could be a few chicks enjoying a glass of bubbly, or a morning tea and deciding to end it by donating a few dollars to the charity.

It’s about getting together and celebrating life, love and friendship.

Anyone can be part of Chicks for Charity, and any event, large or small, is enough reason to donate to our special chosen charities or causes. You too can be a Chick, Junior Chick, or Rooster and come to a Chicks for Charity event, host an event yourself, or just make a donation.

We would like to acknowledge our sister organisation: Chicks for Charity usa