Chick Flick for Sally

Movie nights were proving to be so successful and what better movie to celebrate with a bunch of chicks than Sex and the City 2.  Featuring at the Brighton Dendy, a combination of zesty cosmopolitan cocktails and lucky dip jewellery pieces were just a small part of the pre movie activities. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte came to life again, displaying their colourful outfits and exceptionally high heels. Our very worthy recipient was a young Mum, through one of the chicks’ school networks, who had been battling brain cancer whilst also trying to run a family. We were inspired by her courage and could not think of anything better than being able to help her just get through the next 12 months.  Chicks for Charity organised a cleaner to come to this young Mums house once a week, to take the pressure off and make life a little easier.